So i finally changed my schedule today, let me know if i have class with you… notyouraveragero we have global issues together now right?

Block 1: Latin 3 - Lupinacci

Block 2: Chem(1) - Asta-Ferrero

Block 3: Wellness

Block 4: AM(1) - Noordzij

Block 5: Making/Remaking Race - Cox/ Bible/Classical- Weisse(sem2)

Block 6: History of American Pop Culture - Shen

Block 7: Global Issues - Lingley

  1. deancream said: we have nothing together :((
  2. notyouraveragero said: Yesss we have history together now. Everything else is foreign to me
  3. just-a-bit-bifurious said: Math and pop culture!
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